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01/10/2018 - Home Treatment for Heart Patients

CE-Mate and Isala have joined together as partners in the new European innovation project, 'NWE-Chance'

Heart failure is a growing epidemic: approximately 15 million people are living with heart failure in the European Union. Between 1 to 2% of the EU’s total health care expenditure is associated with this condition, of which 50% is due to patient hospitalization.

Through new innovations—a combination of eHealth applications and miniaturized diagnostic and therapeutic devices—a shift must take place to move primary care from the hospital to the patient’s home.

To stimulate these innovations, a new Interreg European partnership has been created called the ‘NWE-Chance’ project. It currently consists of three hospitals, two universities, and four companies from the Netherlands, Belgium UK and Germany.

Isala will use the Medimate MiniLab to measure potassium and creatinine values in heart failure patients at home for medication control. Within the project, Medimate will investigate and implement further improvements to the MiniLab to link the measured values simply and accurately to the patient's e-health applications.


The Interreg North-West Europe Programme is part of the European Cohesion Policy and has been created to foster cooperation in North-West Europe.