Verlagen hoge bloeddruk

Verlagen hoge bloeddruk door snelle controle van zoutinname

Door het meten van natrium, kalium en creatinine in urine

Hoge bloeddruk On average, 31.4% of the Dutch persons between 30 and 70 years have a high blood pressure (hypertension). This means that they have a blood pressure of which the upper pressure (systole) is ≥ 140 mmHg and / or the negative pressure (diastole) is ≥ 90 mmHg and / or that they are taking antihypertensive medication. On average, the percentage of men with hypertension is higher (37.4%) than the percentage of women (26.2%). Hypertension increases with age, but decreases with old age (80 years and older).

A report by the Dutch Heart Foundation describes that if all Dutch people would have normal blood pressure, this would lead to 350,000 fewer patients with cardiovascular problems in 2040.

Preventing the high blood pressure will put an enormous pressure on the health care system, both in time and in costs. The cause of high blood pressure is found in the high salt content that we get in our food. It is estimated that 90% of people with high blood pressure are due to too much sodium salt.

At present, people are advised to eat less salt, but it is not possible to check or monitor its effectiveness at home or at the treating physician. This is now possible with the Medimate. The sodium and potassium content in the 24-hour urine is an indication of the amount of salt that was taken the previous day. The Medimate as a self-test for salt determination in urine can provide the necessary feedback on the low-salt diet. This method works similar to the scale that provides weight information to support a weight loss diet. Now 24-hour urine collection is a lot of hassle and for this reason the Medimate has been adjusted with a reliable estimate of the salt intake based on the morning urine.

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