The Fisic Medimate platform is suitable for measuring many different substances.
To determine whether the Medimate can measure a certain parameter in liquid, the following starting point can be used:

The Medimate can measure a parameter as

  • the particle is charged in liquid (in ion form) and
  • the concentration is sufficiently high.

Derived parameters are also possible. Such as, for example, the determination of the kidney function on the basis of creatinine concentration or the determination of the 24-hour salt intake on the basis of the sodium, potassium and creatinine concentrations in morning urine.

Validated parameters

The Medimate determines the concentrations of

  • creatinine
  • potassium
  • lithium with additional the derived parameter
  • kidney function

The Medimate determines the concentration of

  • sodium
  • potassium
  • creatinine with additional the derived parameter
  • the 24-hour salt intake

It is also possible to measure the magnesium concentration in urine, but not all validation studies have been completed.

Other possibilities

FISIC continuously invests in improving the platform and in expanding the range of parameters that can be measured. Below are a number of examples of parameters that can be considered.

Medical : chloride, calcium, phosphate, lactate, valproic acid, ...
Industrial : chromium, zinc, nitrate, non-reed, carbonate, zirconium, aluminum, iron, ...
Drugs : GHB, cocaine, morphine, amphetamine, methadone, ...
Environment : phosphate, nitrate, nitrite, carbonate...

The total list is much more elaborated, you can contact us for more information to discuss the different options.

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