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The Medimate van be used under different circumstances. The examples below are for patients with bipolar disorder using lithium medication.

At the clinic

At the clinic Knowing up-to-date blood levels is crucial to tailor therapy to the patient. For instance with the Fisic Medimate it is possible to determine the lithium, creatinine and kidney function blood levels of your patients within a few minutes at any location. In this way, you always have the latest information at hand to make the best decisions for the treatment of your patient. For the patient, this means less travel and waiting time, but above all the advantage of direct feedback, less uncertainty and less risk for intoxications and hospitalizations.

By the nurse practitioner or clinician when visiting a patient

At home by the nurse practitionar With the Medimate it is possible to take the laboratory to your patient. In this way lithium control becomes easier for patients who are more difficult to go to the laboratory. Specifically for elderly good monitoring is crucial. Co-medication, reduced kidney function, heat wave and vulnerable health all play an increasingly important role for elder people.

By patients themselves

At home The greatest benefit of patient self-monitoring is that the quality of life will improve significantly. Patients experience more freedom and control. It is important to be able to measure directly in case of uncertainty and to directly control the medication level.

Improved monitoring allows the medication to be set more accurately improving therapy quality and preventing intoxications and hospitalizations.

(Temporary) self-monitoring can be important for:

  • Measuring in case of uncertainty, illness or on vacation
  • Adjusting the medication at first use
  • Adjustments after change of co-medication
  • Adherence monitoring
  • Doubts about the correctness of the dosage

A separate dedicated website is available for patients using lithium, Here measurement results can be stored and shared with the practitioner (at the patient's initiative). Additional information about lithium, the Medimate, and the interpretation of the lithium results can be found as well. It is also possible to keep an electronic diary or records of the different medications used on this website.

At the laboratory

In addition to performing finger prick measurements, the Medimate can also be used within the laboratory. No calibration is required to perform a reliable measurement, nor does the operation require extensive training or expertise. Makes it possible to deliver fast and reliable results, specifically when an automated high throughput system is too expensive.

For research

The Medimate can provide an effective way for new selftest studies on the different parameters in blood or urine.

For example there are still many unknowns about the use of lithium. Consider the patients benefit for home use. the effects of lithium use in pregnant women, the precise course of the lithium level or therapy compliance. With the Medimate, FISIC offers new opportunities for research into lithium therapy.


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