The Fisic Medimate

Minilab The Fisic Medimate is a compact laboratory that makes medical diagnostics possible at anytime and anywhere. Transporting a blood or urine sample to the laboratory and waiting for hours or days is not necessary anymore. For the Medimate, one drop of blood or urine is sufficient to have the results available at the desired location within a few minutes. The Medimate is suitable for use by healthcare providers as well as patients.

Medimate Multireader

The Medimate Multireader is the analysis apparatus and performs the measurement. The Multireader is equipped with a screen and 4 function keys to the right of the screen. Using these keys you can scroll through the menu of the Multireader. The Multireader is connected to the mains using an adapter.

On the short side of the Multireader there is an opening for inserting the Lab Chip. On the long side there is an USB connection. The USB connector makes it possible to connect a keyboard or barcode scanner. This makes it possible to add extra information prior to the measurement, such as patient number.

After performing the measurement, the results, including date and time, is shown on the display and stored in the memory of the Multireader.

Medimate Lab-Chip

The drop of blood or urine is applied to the Lab-Chip. A Lab-Chip is required for each measurement. The Lab-Chip consists of a plastic holder containing a glass detection chip. When the container is opened, a sealing lip (seal) becomes visible. Below this seal is the opening to which the drop of blood or urine must be applied. The drop comes into contact with the detection chip through this opening.

lab-ChipThe detection chip itself contains measuring electrodes and micro-channels with a diameter of 1/5 the thickness of a hair. After the Lab-Chip has been inserted into the Multireader and the measurement has started, an electric field accross the injection channel and separation channel ensures that the various charged species are respectively injected and separated. At the end of the separation channel the species are detected with conductivity detection. After a few minutes, the measurement result will then appear on the Multireader screen.
You can read more about the separation principles on our technology page.

Depending on the type of Lab-Chip, the Medimate can be used to measure different substances. Lab-Chips are available for measuring lithium, creatinine and kidney function in finger prick blood. But also lithium, creatinine and potassium in plasma or whole blood. Or sodium, potassium and creatinine in urine. FISIC's technology makes it possible to expand the number of parameters in future.


A lancet is used to obtain a drop of blood for a fingerstick measurement. This drop is easily obtained using a special single-use lancing device. When this lancing device is pressed against the finger, a mechanism is activated that ensures that the needle automatically comes out and injects a shot. In addition, this mechanism prevents the piercing from being too deep. These lancing devices are available with different needle lengths and thicknesses.

Measurement procedure

Meten The four basic steps to perform a measurement with the Medimate:

  1. Perform a finger prick
  2. Apply drop on lab chip
  3. Place lab chip in the Multireader
  4. The result is displayed on the meter screen

Entering additional data

The Medimate has the option to enter additional data prior to performing a measurement. For example for bipolar disorder with lithium and creatinine monitoring:

  • Time of medication
  • Kidney function information such as gender, age and ethnicity
  • Amount of medication taken
  • Clinician identification number
  • Patient identification number

Saving measurement data

At the end of the measurement, the measurement result is displayed on the screen and stored in the history for later viewing. In addition, the measurement results can be stored at an external location via a QR code. This can be done in two different ways.

  • By scanning a QR code by a USB scanner. This makes automatic registration possible on a computer, for example in the patient file.
  • By scanning a QR code by a mobile phone. This makes it possible to pass the measurement results to FISIC's Lemli patient platform.

Medimate possibilities

The Medimate offers the following options:

  • Direct measurement result
  • Measure at any location
  • Anyone can perform the measurement
  • User friendly
  • Communication of measurement results


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