18/04/2023 - Team extension

Foto:Peter It started as a study assignment at the University of Twente. Various mental health institutions in the Netherlands are now using Point of Care measurements (POCT) based on lab-on-chip technology to determine lithium values ​​on location in patients with bipolar disorder. Practitioners report that this is very helpful to detect intoxications and complications at an early stage. And thus hospitalizations and irreversible neurological and organ damage are prevented.

There is also interest in POCT measurements for other syndromes in which the rapid and efficient measurement of blood or urine values ​​makes a significant contribution to the well-being of patients. Even internationally there is interest of opinion leaders from the medical sector emphasizing the unique possibilities of the self-test diagnostics of the Medimate within the total landscape of POCT measurements. This stimulates us in our achievement to realize the number one position worldwide in test platforms.

For this reason, we continue to develop technologically based on market demand. To achieve this, we had been looking for a while, for someone with a network in and knowledge of the medical sector and the necessary international commercial experience, to help our organization to establish contacts in the Netherlands and abroad.

We found this in Peter Grob, who recently joined Fisic - Medimate as director of sales, marketing & investors. Peter himself about this step: A very nice challenge that fits perfectly in terms of timing with my previous activities in the medical sector. A step that also fits in with the expectations that I have drawn up beforehand from the many conversations with Steven Staal and Stefan Lenk. Steven and Stefan are the founding fathers who shape their work with great dedication, knowledge and passion based on personal motivations. Even more: made it their mission to improve the quality of life of patients with the POCT measurements with the Medimate.

Lab on a chip, personalized medicine, nanotechnology, immediately available measurement results from which patient welfare benefits: these are themes that matter and which save considerable costs - and simplify work processes. Governments and insurers see lower costs, less absenteeism and a healthier population. With the many measurable parameters that already exist and will come, we are talking about a 'disruptive innovation', one which makes me happy to contribute nationally, Europeanly and globally.

A super team to work with, with for me the tasks of relationship management, business development, sales & marketing, but also investor relations - and subsidy processes. And finally 'keep an overview'.

Do you have any questions for Peter Grob or would you like to contact him? Please call 06-20 40 55 65.