29/03/2022 - Bipolarity & music

Photo:WorldBipolarDay Bipolar Disorder and Music. It is the theme for the activities of the Dutch Knowledge Organisation on Bipolar Disorder (Kenbis) and its affiliates this year on World Bipolar Day (March 30). It is great that more and more attention is being paid to bipolarity and its consequences. For therapies that help improve patients' quality of life.

And also for the talents of people with a bipolar disorder as is explained by Ralph Kupka (chairman KenBis), Henk Mathijssen (chairman Plusminus) and the chairman of the World Bipolar Day working group Bart Geerling (GGZ Dimence) in a joint announcement of the activities on March 30, 2022. How exactly music works in the recovery process? Get more information about this during one of the events that are organized on World Bipolar Day. You can find more information about this via this link to KenBis post about the activities on World Bipolar Day 2022.

Music also regularly draws attention to bipolarity and treatment methods. Like in the song 'Lithium' by the grunge band Nirvana. That discusses frontman Kurt Cobain's lithium medication and his love/hate relationship with it. Because it can be concluded from the text that Cobain was aware of good therapy compliance.

An important reason to avoid large fluctuations in the lithium level. Because these not only greatly affect the mood of people taking this medication. But also because a lithium level that is too high can lead to serious and irreversible complaints. Regularly measuring the lithium level is therefore a good method to prevent these complaints. And even to promote adherence to therapy. Measuring on location with the Fisic Medimate POCT or selftest offers excellent possibilities for this. Precisely because measurements can be performed by practitioners with or without an appointment at a puncture center or laboratory. They then have the result within minutes of the measurement and can discuss it directly with their patient.

We are happy to inform you about these advantages and the measurements with our Point-of-Care device during a webinar that we organize regularly.

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