23/03/2022 - Standard care GGzE

Lithium POCT in the standard care of team bipolar

In recent years, research has been done within GGz Eindhoven (GGzE) in collaboration with Fisic into the effectiveness and reliability of measurements with the mobile lithium meter. A point of care test (POCT) based on lab-on-chip technology. GGzE and team bipolar are now at the point of integrating the lithium meter into standard care in lithium treatment. The lithium meter will be used in the bipolar team in the lithium maintenance protocol, whereby this patient-friendly method of measuring with a finger prick can replace one or more venous laboratory measurements. It can also be used for ad hoc measurements. The great advantage of the test is that the result of the measurement is known within 10 minutes, making faster interventions possible. This makes lithium therapy safer and more patient-friendly.

Explanation photo: Yesterday the first delivery of the lithium POCT was made together with Steven Staal, director of the company Fisic.

This message is taken from a LinkedIn post by Marius Reijnen (GGz-Eindhoven).


Would you like to know more about Point-of-Care lithium measurements on location? You are most welcome during one of the webinars that we regularly organize for this.

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