21/02/2022 - Improved safety

For an article in PlusMinus – the magazine for people with bipolar disorder – Josien Gerritsen discussed the Point of Care measurement of lithium and creatine. For this she interviewed nurse specialist GGZ Ingrid Knipping and Jolanda*, who uses the device in her home situation, about their experiences with the @Fisic-Medimate.

This time we highlight what Josien wrote in this article from her conversation with Steven Staal, co-founder and director of Fisic, the company behind this device.

With the Medimate, the lithium level and the creatine level can be measured on location with one finger prick, within 9 minutes.

“During my electrical engineering studies I came into contact with the 'Licetas' project. I really enjoy doing something that helps other people. With this new technology we can mean something for medical care and thus improve the quality of life of people. That is where my great motivation lies,” Steven Staal reports in this article.

“The Medimate has been extensively tested and measures reliably,” says Steven. “When the lithium value is measured by the practitioner, the measuring process is simplified. The practitioner has less administrative burdon, and the patient does not have to go to the laboratory and spend days waiting for the result. Because the lithium value is available within a short time, rapid feedback of the measurement result can take place.”

This makes interventions possible at an early stage. The lithium level differs per person. If it is easier to measure the lithium level more regularly in the outpatient clinic, it will also be easier to determine the optimal level.

Home measurement gives the patient even more sense of safety and freedom. The device can help people to become stable more quickly, as is also apparent from Jolanda's experiences. In case of a small deviation of the lithium value, the patient can adjust the medication dose in consultation with the practitioner. In addition, it is important that the patient feels in control.

People who receive the system feel safer and less insecure. This makes them more likely to use the medication correctly. This also increases the adherence to therapy among these patients. A major advantage, because adherence to therapy and correct blood values ​​are of great importance when using lithium.

You can find the article in PlusMinus (in Dutch) via this link, which also contains an explanation by Steven Staal on new measurement options with the Medimate. And, in which nurse specialist Ingrid Knipping and Jolanda share their experiences with the Medimate.

*Jolanda preferred not to be referred to by her own name in this article. The real name of Jolanda is known to us.