11/01/2022 - 365 days to improve

When people's physical or mental health is threatened or impaired, they lose quality of life. The past two years have shown this once again with a health crisis.

Fisic – Medimate's products and services are closely linked to health and, above all, to improving people's quality of life. By enabling measurements with the Medimate, we offer practitioners and people with certain diseases new insights. They can use these new knowledge to directly initiate actions to improve the quality of life. This is already happening at various mental healthcare institutions by measuring the lithium level, kidney function and creatinine content of people with a bipolar disorder who use lithium as a medication.

This year is all about making even more practitioners and patients aware of the benefits of measuring on location with the Medimate. Both within mental health care and beyond. Including our pilot with measuring sodium in urine samples from patients with intestinal failure and total parenteral nutrition to prevent dehydration. The risk of dehydration in these patients due to the loss of fluid and salts through the applied high output stoma is high. Results of normal tests usually take a long time, which only increases the chance of hospitalization. This pilot is currently half ways and we expect the results half way this year.

Step by step, we offer the Medimate the possibility to perform fast and efficient blood and urine tests on location for an increasing number of diseases. We do this to provide people with various disorders with insights that help improve the quality of their lives. We have a whole year ahead of us to make our contribution.

We wish everybody a very healthy 2022.

Stefan Lenk & Steven Staal

Foto: A drop full of insicht