30/06/2021 - Presentation KenBis

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The Knowledge Center for Bipolar Disorders (KenBis) aims to improve care in the Netherlands for people with a bipolar (manic-depressive) mood disorder. A second aim is to collect, develop and disseminate the most up-to-date knowledge about this condition.

That is why various people from this knowledge center have been involved from an early stage in the development of lithium measurement with the Medimate. Because simply and quickly measuring the lithium level fits in with KenBis' objectives.

The latest developments were presented during a recent meeting with psychiatrists, specialist nurses and others involved in KenBis. In particular, practical experiences were also discussed.

Both that of Ingrid Knipping (GGZ Oost Brabant) who conducted research in the ambulatory ( elderly) care. Being able to measure the lithium level directly on location has the advantage that insight is available within 10 minutes.

This also means direct adjustment. For example, on hot days, letting clients drink more and giving advice about a temporary adjustment of the medication. In this way, several hospital admissions have been prevented.

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Measurements at home and at the clinic

Read more about the Medimate GGZ test package The experiences of a client who performed measurements with the Medimate at home for some time were also shared during this KenBis meeting. A possibility that we would like to offer in the long term in consultation with practitioners and health insurers.

Because the peace that this client has experienced by being able to regularly carry out measurements, including during holiday periods, we grant to everyone who has been prescribed lithium medication.

For use in outpatient clinics, it is possible for professionals to request a test package. In addition, a limited number of Medimate measuring devices are available for home use. Although this always requires consultation with and consent of the attending physician.