22/05/2021 - Start pilot GGNET

Lithium medication is a method in the treatment of bipolar disorder to give patients a stable foundation in their lives. But the lithium level is crucial.

In order to measure this quickly, efficiently and simply, more and more mental healthcare institutions are using the Medimate. A handy device where the result is available within 10 minutes with a simple finger prick.

Of great importance for, among others, the practitioners of GGNet in Warnsveld. Because they have a collaboration with an external laboratory, where the determination of the lithium level is planned only once a week.

As a result, waiting times for blood test results can be up to a week. In some cases this is a long period.

Especially if the lithium level is not correct and the patient feels insecure or even has physical complaints.

In order to obtain results faster, a pilot has been started with the Medimate at the GGNet Warnsveld location. To this end, we recently trained nine GGNet employees in its use and the measurement of lithium and creatinine.

Foto: GGNet employees after the training.

Start a pilot yourself

Read more about the Medimate GGZ test package For use in outpatient clinics, it is possible for professionals to request a test package. In addition, a limited number of Medimate measuring devices are available for home use. Although this always requires consultation with and consent of the attending physician.