Prevent medication poisoning

Reducing the risk of medication poisoning with new medication

By measuring creatinine and kidney function in blood

Medication Good medication monitoring is necessary for the safety of the patient when prescribing medication. It is important that the practitioner, general practitioner or pharmacist selects the dose for a specific medicine correctly. With the majority of medications, extra care must be taken to the quality of the patient's kidneys. This is because the kidney influences the concentration of the medicine in blood. When a kidney is damaged the medication is excreted in urine in lower amounts then expected and then compared with a healthy kidney. By measuring the kidney function at the doctor or pharmacy, a dose control of the medicine can take place "On the Spot".

The Fisic Medimate allows kidney monitoring at any location, within minutes the practitioner knows the result of the blood analysis and the medication can be adjusted if necessary.

Bipolar DisorderDehydrationHigh blood pressureKidney failureCardiac failure


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