Future possibilities

Future options for hyperphosphataemia control

By measuring phosphate and calcium blood

Ambulant at home Self-monitoring can play an important role in the treatment of kidney patients. This is already possible for the parameters mentioned earlier, but the Medimate can be expanded in the future with more measurements, such as phosphate and calcium. In kidney patients, hyperphosphataemia is a risk of heart failure. Phosphate measurements can provide support in optimizing phosphate therapy in dialysis patients. Calcium can be monitored to deminish the risk of skeletal complications.

Future options for controlling dialysate

It is necessary to measure the quality of the blood when a patient is on dialysis. The electrolyte balance is important for the quality of the dialysis. In uture, it will be possible with the Medimate to measure the sodium and potassium content in dialysate so that early feedback is provided.

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