Mission & vision


FISIC FISIC contributes to a better quality of life through innovative solutions based on Lab-on-a-Chip technology. Solutions that make it possible to measure, register and communicate values quickly, easily and accurately at any location. Measurement values on the basis of which careful and optimal choices can be made with regard to the care and treatment of humans, animals and the environment.


Our vision is that innovative Lab on a Chip technologies offer breakthroughs to collect accurate data quickly, everywhere, gaining more insight in the effect, course and consequence of various processes and enabling timely adjustments. This is only possible if these products meet the needs in practice and if they provide correct and relevant information. Realizing these breakthroughs requires a flexible and decisive organization. An organization that does not stand alone, but is part of a carefully built and cherished network of experts, suppliers, customers, healthcare providers and partners. A flexible network that shares the drive to be innovative and relevant.

Core values:

  • Ambition and drive: Success requires conviction and courage. We have the courage, guts and knowledge to achieve our goal.
  • Relevance: we choose to develop solutions that add value, tangible and intangible
  • Integrity and sincerity: people are central, whether it concerns employees, customers or suppliers and we handle this with care.
  • Inspire: with our products and working method we want to inspire people to treat themselves and each other carefully, by offering products that provide the necessary support.

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