Prevent medication poisoning

Reduce the risk of drug poisoning in heart failure

Cardiac Patients with heart problems are taking different types of medication at the same time. The diuretics affect the sodium and potassium levels in the blood. The potassium concentration is particularly important because too low a potassium leads to instability of the patient and additional hospitalization.

For heart patients who are being treated at home, the ambulatory nurse sets the medication level by means of pumps. When the potassium and/or creatinine level is not good, the medication and therefore the pumps must be adjusted immediately.

In case of home treatment, a venous blood sample can be taken. This blood sample is sent to the lab for analysis. The ambulatory nurse will at the end of their shift at the end of the day receive the potassium and creatinine values. If the values are outside the expected range he/she should return to the patient to adjust the medication.

This measuring process takes about half a day and the adjustment takes place on average 6-8 hours later than is actually desirable. In addition, this puts a lot of strain on the nurse's process because he or she has to contact the patient by telephone in the evening or, in some cases, return to the patient's home.

The Fisic Medimate enables blood analysis at the patient's home, within minutes the nurse knows the result of the blood analysis and the medication can be adjusted. Improving patient safety and reducing the burdon for the nurse practitioner.

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