Medimate testpackage A special testpackage is available for mental healthcare institutions that want to experience the Fisic Medimate. With a single finger prick lithium, creatinine and kidney function is easily measured at the clinic or by the patient at home with one drop of blood.


Advantages when using the Medimate at the clinic are:

  • quick and direct insight in lithium levels
  • easier adjustment and setting of medication
  • accessible interim measurement gives patients more peace of mind
  • increased efficiency and effectiveness for patients and healthcare providers


Reimbursement for use at the clinic in the Netherlands is possible and runs via the standard reimbursement structures. If implemented correctly this should not lead to additional costs. If you would like more information about this, we are glad to answer your questions.

Our proposal

When purchasing the test package you will receive:

  • the Medimate with all accessories
  • 30 Lab Chips, you need 1 Lab Chip per measurement
  • an on site training
  • telephone and e-mail support

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More information?

Contact If you are interested to see what the Medimate can do for you, you can ask us a question, request an interview or request a product presentation. You can also find more documentation in the documentation section.