The Lemli app

Lemli is specially made for patients with bipolar disorder who use lithium.

Advantages of the Lemli platform

Lemli patient platform The Lemli platform offers the patient the possibility to:

  • Read more information about the lithium drug
  • View the measurement results of the Medimate
  • Share the measurement results with your practitioner
  • Keep track of medication use
  • Keep the diary with a record of your mood, measurement results and medication use
  • Maintain the life chart

Evaluation of patients

The first results with patients who have used the Medimate and Lemli at home show:

  • Measuring at home with direct results is much nicer
  • Less uncertainty
  • The online Lemli app is experienced as easy to use and the measurement data can easily be sent to it. The overview of the measurements is often used.

Quote from one of the users:
"I am more than happy with the meter and Lemli. Without the Medimate I would use less (or no) lithium. I experience with the Medimate direction. For me that is nice and necessary. "

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More information?

Contact If you are interested to see what the Medimate can do for you, you can ask us a question, request an interview or request a product presentation. You can also find more documentation in the documentation section.