Lithium selftest

Medimate as selftest

Home The greatest benefit of patient self-monitoring is that quality of life will improve significantly. Studies show that patients find it important to be able to measure immediately in the event of uncertainty, that they experience more freedom and that they can deal with changes in medication more easily.

The quality of the therapy will improve because better monitoring allows the medication to be set more accurately. Critical situations can be prevented, such as lithium poisoning and the associated hospital admissions.

Self-monitoring is important for:

  • Measure in case of uncertainty, illness or on vacation
  • Faster and more accurate control of the medication level
  • Additional monitoring in case of other medication and other changing circumstances
  • Doubts about the correctness of the dosage

Online lithium support for patients

For Lithium patients, the FISIC Lemli patient platform is available. Here the measurement results can be viewed and shared with the practitioner. Sharing with the practitioner is done on the initiative of the patient. In addition extra information about lithium, the Fisic Medimate, and the interpretation of the lithium results can be found here. It is also possible to use an electronic diary or to make notes of the medication taken.

patient study at home

To a limited extent, the Medimate is available in the Netherlands in a study for patients who want to measure their lithium at home. If you want to express your interest in participating, please let us know. Click on the button "I want to participate in the home study".

Ambulatory testThe Lemli app

More information?

Contact If you are interested to see what the Medimate can do for you, you can ask us a question, request an interview or request a product presentation. You can also find more documentation in the documentation section.