User experiences

Lithium users

Home “So useful this device for measuring your lithium levels. you instantly know your state with only one droplet of blood. Especially when your lithium levels are adjusted this is a benefit.”

“I am very happy that I can measure my lithium level, I quickly notice side effects. By taking a measurement I can respond quickly by myself; skip dosing or temporarily reduce dosing. On vacation I notice side effects with a slightly higher lithium level, this is due to the heat and sports. I am tempted to stop taking the medication. When measuring, I see that the increase is not too bad. I then lower the medication by 100 mg and am reassured. I experience with the Medimate direction. For me that is nice and necessary. Since using the Medimate I also have fewer conflicts with the specialist.”

“I hope I can keep this device after September....

If I could afford it I would instantly buy it. It has great added value not only to reduce the feeling of insecurity but also for empowering and feeling in control of your own wellbeing. It helps to feel at ease!

With the remark that I would never change my medication without concent of my physician. Besides I think that patients like me are a disadvantaged group in health care. As mentioned earlier: why are diabetics for instance insured for all expences?”

“I am very happy with my Medimate. It is a real benefit when the medical situation is not optimal. Since I measure my lithium level I can more easily reach out to medical aid. For instance I was admitted a month earlier with my endocrinologist for problems with my thyroid. Knowing the lithium level empowered myself and makes conversations easier"

“And the Medimate operation is easy, it is certainly routine after a few times, really a few minutes of work.”

“During a depressive crisis I was admitted in a clinc where was decided to increase my lithium dosage. I was frightened of this, given an earlier lithium intoxication. But now with the Medimate I am able to monitor my lithium level more frequent. This also enabled me to go on holidays to France a week after leaving the hospital. Especially when feeling insecure it is very reassuring to be able to measure your lithium level and to act accordingly. During my holidays I fell asleep in the sun and got a serious sun burn. I didn't feel well and my lithium level was too high. By drinking a lot of water I got my lithium level normal again the next day. Also when taking antibiotics self monitoring ensured that my levels were not changing. Self monitoring is decreases insecurity and makes confident.”

Nurse practitioners and psychiatrists

“The Medimate is flexible, safe, reliable, accessible and user-friendly.”

During her thesis research Ingrid concluded: “According to the specialists, the main reasons for working with the Medimate are the user-friendliness and the immediate result, which increases safety, for example in case of suspected intoxication.” After using the Medimate for two years Ingrid estimates that she prevented around 4 hospitalizations with elderly people.

During her thesis research Monica concluded: “Self-monitoring provides positive user experiences and insight into the relationship between medication, lithium levels and mood, which contributes positively to self-management.”

“Patients react positive, the outcomes are more meaningful to the patient since they are evaluated instantly. For selfmanagement a good point. Managing patients with medication issues is for the physician a functional and effective method given the combination of measurement and interaction with the patient at the same time. As an example, a manic woman is now measured at the policlinic and otherwise should have been measured at the lab with problems for her husband to keep her calm in the waiting time.”


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