Testing at the clinic

In the clinic

Knowing up-to-date blood levels is crucial for monitoring lithium medication.

With the Fisic Medimate it is possible to determine the lithium, creatinine and kidney function blood levels of patients within a few minutes in the physicians office. In this way, always the latest information is at hand to make the best decisions. For the patient, this means less travel and waiting time, but above all the advantage of direct feedback and less uncertainty with early detection or prevention of intoxications and thus prevention of hospitalizations.

Having the Medimate at hand is important in the following situations.

  • At the intake of the patient
  • With a suspected intoxication
  • When having doubts about the correctness of the dosage
  • When prescribing the patient on lithium for the first time
  • With adherence monitoring
  • After changing co-medication
  • For patients with a fear of needles
  • When more frequent monitoring of lithium is desired, in case of eg
    • impaired kidney function
    • pregnant patients
    • unstable patients

Outpatient testingAmbulatory test

More information?

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